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Durch die Partnerschaft mit einem Ökosystem von Technologie- und Marktführern für RPA Lösungen bietet Kryon Ihrem Unternehmen eine umfassende Palette an Tools, um Ihnen den Weg für eine digitale Transformation zu ebnen. Unsere Channel Partner sind RPA Experten, die sicherstellen, dass Ihr Unternehmen die Beratung und den professionellen Service erhält, um RPA erfolgreich einzusetzen.

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MFX Services



Virtual AI

Reply Italy


Total eBiz Solutions

MSG Global Solutions

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RSTN Consulting

Kryon Partner - HMS

Halperin Consulting Group

Kryon Partner - Argontech

Halperin Consulting Group

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Consensus Group

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The Business Labs

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Inteligencia Digital

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Die Besten der Branche vertrauen auf Kryon

“I really like working with Kryon as a partner because of their strong flexibility and responsiveness. Their platform is a very powerful RPA tool.”

Holger Barth
Senior Product Manager, Software AG

“In our interaction with Kyron, we have experienced their willingness to walk that extra mile with us to ensure we can provide optimal solutions to our customers.”

Pramod Deshpande
Vice President, MFX Services

“The Kryon team is professional, thoughtful, thorough and great to work with. We are working on a professional services approach to a structured, disciplined and scalable growth strategy. Kryon’s strong team and expertise matches with the needs of CoSourcing Partners and the RPA executive team. Overall Kryon has a great group of automation experts and we definitely look forward to working together on more RPA projects.”

Scott F. Upp
Jr. Managing Director, CoSourcing Partners

“Kryon’s RPA product is best in class - its easy-to-use and intuitive UI enables partners like Virtual AI to demonstrate the benefits and capabilities of RPA in a fraction of the time compared to other RPA products. Our blue chips media clients have been surprised at how quickly and cost effectively we can save them money, improve the accuracy of their business processes and increase productivity. We look forward to a long-term partnership with Kryon and delivering superior business outcomes for our clients.”

Ian Whitfield
Founder, Virtual AI

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