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Kryon Adds New Trigger Feature to RPA Platform to Facilitate Task Assignment and Maximize Virtual Workforce Efficiency

RPA Managers Can Now Assign Time-Based Tasks to Kryon Robots Through the Smart Queue, Saving Costs By Enhancing Efficiency and Enabling Easy Scalability of Virtual Workforces

NEW YORK, June 27th, 2018 — Today,  Kryon, a leading provider of intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions, has announced Time-Based Triggers, a new feature within its RPA management console that enables RPA managers to maximize the productivity of their virtual workforce.

The feature release enables users to add time-based tasks to Kryon’s Smart Queue, instead of needing to schedule the task with a specific robot ahead of time. Once the task is set up in the Smart Queue, the system detects and assigns the task to the first-available robot according to the user’s settings. Previously, time-based tasks were assigned to a specific robot and they would have to wait for the specific robot to be available, while other robots on the virtual workforce would not be utilized. With time-based triggers, users can save significant costs by having a pre-scheduled task assigned to the first available robot.

“Kryon’s objective in the design and planning of new features is to enable businesses to manage their automation in a smarter and more effective way. With the release of our new triggers feature, RPA managers will be able to seamlessly leverage our Smart Queue to manage any automated task,” states Itay Gini, Director of Product at Kryon. “In addition to simplifying the course of the day, our new feature maximizes each company’s RPA ROI by increasing robot efficiency, allowing for easy scalability by eliminating the need to set up tasks for new robots in advance, and enabling continuous automation.”

Key capabilities of the new feature include:

  • Easy scaling: Users no longer have to set up time-based tasks for newly-added robots. Once the RPA solution scales, the Smart Queue will know to assign the time-based tasks to the new robots.
  • Continuous task automation: If a specific robot is down for maintenance, another one will pick up the task in its place.
  • Queue priority: Users can set the priority of a trigger (choosing from normal to high importance).
  • Timing intervals: Users can schedule tasks by minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Custom timing intervals: User cans build custom expressions using Cron (scheduling engine)
  • Unique bottleneck prevention: The trigger will not create an additional task in the Smart Queue until the previous one is processed

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